Below are some of the highlights in the Solace Developer Community in March: 

New PubSub+ Cloud REST v2 APIs Home 

The new home for PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs allows you to perform REST API calls and links to OpenAPI specifications of supported APIs. Read this community post to learn more.  

Hybrid Cloud Event Streaming Workshop 

This month we announced our first public workshop “Hybrid Cloud Event Streaming” on April 18 at 12:00pm ET. This live workshop will walk developers through creating an event mesh that will stream events across cloud and on-premises environments using Solace PubSub+ and AWS.  

Attendees will also explore the usage of hierarchical topics and wildcards which allow the event mesh to intelligently route events only where they need to go. Check out this community post for more details on how to register and join.

Three New Community Badges 

To recognize those who contribute to the community, we have added 3 new badges in the community: Experience Share, Solace Scholar, and Solly Superstar. Read this community post to learn what they are for and who can earn them. I hope to see these badges added to your profiles soon! 

New Blog Posts by Community Writers 

Since we announced the Solace Scholars Program, we have received many submissions and published some very good blog posts by our community writers, such as the one that shows how to implement EDA in a Go application using Solace PubSub+ and the one that illustrates with an e-payment example the flexibility of topic design and naming conventions with PubSub+.  

This month, we have added two more blog posts by our community writers, including one by our youngest Scholar – a middle school student from Texas – who decided to use our technology to make sure his house plant wasn’t neglected: Monitoring a Plant Using PubSub+, Raspberry Pi and Flutter 

Read other blog posts by Solace Scholars here: 

If you are also interested in writing for the community, check out the Solace Scholars Program and submit your suggested topics. 

You Asked, We Answered! 

In this section, I’ll review a few questions our community members asked this month that you may be interested in reading about. 

  • Community member kriishan_anz asked if it is possible to have a workflow in Solace-IBM MQ Connector between a Solace PubSub+ queue and an IBM MQ queue. Andrew Mackenzie answered the question and pointed him to the related section in the User Guide. 
  • Community member mprabhat_jha wonders how to set replyTo using SDKPerf. marc explains how to do that for different scenarios.  
  • Community member tiwaabh encountered an issue when trying to set the systemScaling values. Dennis Brinley offered this command and explained how to enter the values. 
  • Community member prashantk2000 wanted to know how to check if a session is connected or not in solclientjs. In their replies, giri provided the related nodejs sample and marc pointed out the new update about this in the solclientjs API documentation. 

Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program 

In mid-November, we announced the launch of Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program.  With the program, we want to recognize and reward our community and build a deeper connection with it. Read the blog post to see how potential Solly Superstars are evaluated, the benefits of becoming a Superstar, and how to apply!

Why should you join the Solace Developer Community? 

I strongly encourage you to sign up for the Solace Developer Community if you have not already done so. This way you can not only keep abreast of the latest developments in the community, but also engage with other members by sharing problems or offering solutions.

5 reasons why you should join the solace developer community

Hong Qiu
Hong Qiu

Hong is the Senior Community Manager at Solace, where he is responsible for building and managing the Solace community and creating developer-focused content. Prior to Solace, he spent over 10 years at Adobe managing the Adobe Developer Connection portals and planning, creating, and sourcing content for them. Before Adobe, he was a senior technical writer at Nortel and a technical writer at Cognos (now IBM).