Below are some of the highlights in the Solace Developer Community in February: 

PubSub+ Cloud Distributed Tracing GA 

Early this month, we announced the general availability of PubSub+ Distributed Tracing. Customers can now purchase subscriptions to enable distributed tracing on event broker services version 10.2.1 and leverage the full set of observability capabilities from the PubSub+ Cloud Console. PubSub+ Cloud’s distributed tracing capabilities offer the complete  management of distributed tracing configuration and life-cycle management of the OpenTelemetry Collector. OpenTelemetry traces generated by the PubSub+ Cloud event broker services can now be forwarded to customers’ Datadog or Jaeger APM observability tools.  

Add your comments to this distributed tracing community post 

PubSub+ Connector for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform v.1.2 on the Anypoint Exchange 

Version 1.2 of the PubSub+ Connector for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform has been certified by MuleSoft and is available on the Anypoint Exchange now. You can get the recommended upgrade in Anypoint Studio via regular module upgrade methods. Learn the new features included in the release. 

What’s Next with Ed and Ali: Episode 2 

In this episode, PubSub+ product team leaders Ed and Ali take a deep dive into PubSub+ Distributed Tracing with an implementation demo in our cloud service. They also talk about what’s coming, including ARM Support, Terraform, Partitioned Queues, and Podman. Watch the episode for details.   

You Asked, We Answered! 

In this section, I’ll review a few questions our community members asked this month that you may be interested in reading about. 

  • Community member aditya wanted to know the difference between Replication Group Message ID and JMS Message ID. Aaron jumped in and gave a short and clear explanation. 
  • Community member prashantk2000 was deploying the PubSub+ broker in Kubernetes cluster with a Helm chart. However, the spooled messages got deleted after the broker container restarted in Kubernetes. Karl Ossoinig helped with thought-provoking questions and analyzed the cause of the problem. If you have the same issue, it is worth reading the community post and the comments. 
  • Community member tiwaabh wondered if there is a way to apply filter on the outgoing messages from a queue based on topics. Andrew Mackenzie and Aaron answered the question and explained why. Karl Ossoinig also provided another option to consider in the future. Read the thread to learn more. 
  • Community member sjerin was looking for a way for the application to control the number of messages being published. marc introduced the “reject message to sender” feature. Aaron brought up Thread.sleep(1); and described the options for different scenarios. Read the community post for more details. 

Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program 

In mid-November, we announced the launch of Solly Superstars Developer Champion Program. With the program, we want to recognize and reward our community and build a deeper connection with it. Read the blog post to see how potential Solly Superstars are evaluated, the benefits of becoming a Superstar, and how to apply!   

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Hong Qiu

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