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How to Build an Event Mesh with Solace PubSub+

An event mesh is an architecture layer that allows events from one application to be dynamically routed and received by any other application no matter where these applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud). This layer is composed of a network of event brokers. You may be wondering how event mesh differs from service mesh. Well, an event mesh complements a service mesh. It is a layer parallel to service mesh and completes the application architecture by providing the full set of inter-application communication patterns: service mesh for RESTful and general request/reply interactions; event mesh for asynchronous, event-based interactions. In this video, Developer Advocate Aaron Lee walks through the necessary steps to configure an event mesh using Solace PubSub+ event brokers. A few slides at the beginning help describe what an event mesh is, and what will be configured. Jump to 2:45 for the hands-on part! Intro music by Frakum, licenced under Creative Commons: Pause music by Jay_You, licenced under Creative Commons: