Event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging is a cloud-based messaging service that enables asynchronous event-driven communication between all kinds of applications and microservices using open APIs, standard messaging protocols and popular message exchange patterns. SAP has used Solace PubSub+ to enable event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud so SAP customers can easily create seamless data streams between SAP Cloud and legacy systems.
Event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud

Let events flow freely between SAP and non-SAP apps with a Solace-enabled event mesh.

Solace PubSub+ works with your preferred integration platform — whether it’s SAP’s own PI/PO, SAP Cloud Platform Integration or a 3rd-party service like Boomi or MuleSoft — to enable consolidation, migration and integration.


With PubSub+ you can dramatically reduce the footprint of your messaging estate by replacing old-school message brokers running on servers with high-capacity PubSub+ appliances and PubSub+ software running in the cloud.


PubSub+ offers the dynamic message routing it takes to migrate your SAP apps and infrastructure from on-premises environments to the cloud at whatever pace works for your business.


Thanks to its support for all APIs and messaging protocols, PubSub+ can integrate SAP apps and infrastructure with any and all of your applications, services, API management solutions and iPaaS platforms.

With Solace middleware, we anticipate that SAP customers can take advantage of a pre-integrated architecture for leveraging SAP software and cloud services to help tackle challenges such as the Internet of Things and enabling big data movement in a digital world.


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