With Solace, SAP Customers can take advantage of a pre-integrated architecture for leveraging SAP software and cloud services to tackle challenges such as IoT and big data movement”


Senior VP, Products & Innovation Technology, SAP

Event Mesh powered by Solace PubSub+

A digital nervous system for your distributed enterprise, including all your SAP Tech.

An event mesh for event-driven integration

What’s an event mesh?

An event mesh is an architectural layer that allows events from one application to be dynamically routed and received by any other application, no matter where these applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud). Event mesh is created by deploying and connecting event brokers (a modern form of messaging middleware).

What can you do with it?

  • Stream events between SAP and non-SAP apps and systems.
  • Integrate and synchronize cloud native applications, SaaS, IoT and legacy IT.
  • Consolidate and modernize your messaging estate, on premises and in the cloud.
  • Migrate to the cloud when and how you’d like.

Use Cases

Why Solace?

  1. Solace PubSub+ is embedded in SAP Cloud.
    We have been working with SAP for years, they use our technology extensively, and PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud is the digital backbone for SAP Event Mesh.
  2. Our expertise in event-driven architecture and event-driven integration is unparalleled.
    Many of our senior technologists, engineers and solution experts have been working in the event-driven architecture and enterprise messaging space for over a decade. We work with leading global companies across all major verticals. We pioneered the concepts of an event mesh and an event portal, which make event-driven architecture easier to build and manage.
  3. Our commitment to your success.
    Solace support, professional services and committment to your success is second to none.

Event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud

SAP Event Mesh is a cloud-based messaging service that enables asynchronous event-driven communication between all kinds of applications and microservices using open APIs, standard messaging protocols and popular message exchange patterns. SAP has used Solace PubSub+ to enable event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud so SAP customers can easily create seamless data streams between SAP Cloud and legacy systems.

SAP announces “SAP Event Mesh” as the new name for “SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging”

Event-driven messaging in SAP Cloud

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With Solace middleware, we anticipate that SAP customers can take advantage of a pre-integrated architecture for leveraging SAP software and cloud services to help tackle challenges such as the Internet of Things and enabling big data movement in a digital world”


Senior VP, Products & Innovation Technology, SAP

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