Myspace is a leading social entertainment destination with over 36 million users. Myspace uses Solace messaging appliances as the activity stream monitoring backbone for their operational metrics platform.To effectively manage such a large web property, Myspace relies on a high-volume stream of monitoring messages which gather real-time statistics on system health, security and usage across the entire site.

The Solace platform captures these statistics and provides reliable, high-scale delivery across the LAN and WAN to big data repositories like Hadoop and Apache Solr as well as Myspace’s custom analytics applications. This data and the analytics performed against it are the core set of insights used to present Myspace users with highly relevant content and advertising.

Myspace selected Solace after a thorough review of alternatives and replace an open source implementation.

“We are committed to providing our users the best social entertainment experience on the web. Solace’s products give us a great deal of operational confidence and flexibility to meet that commitment as our offerings and user base grow over time.”