NYSE Technologies provides systems to support the current and future business needs of the NYSE, Amex, NSCC and their subsidiaries.NYSE Technologies uses Solace appliances as the data distribution layer of two platforms integrated into their portfolio as part of their 2011 acquisition of Metabit: XILIX, an intuitive FIX-enabled Execution Management System, and Market Liquidity Hub, Asia’s foremost cross border FIX enabled trading network. MLH provides direct access to all DMA markets in Asia, with embedded intelligence.

Today’s traders know that each millisecond of advantage they hold over competitors can generate increased profits, so today’s connectivity providers must address their need for ever lower latency. Providers that truly understand this problem are turning to hardware-based messaging technology, as middleware software running on general-purpose servers cannot meet current or future performance requirements.

Solace technology provides the fully failsafe, guaranteed messaging functionality that order and execution management systems require with extremely predictable and low latency.

“It became evident that Solace’s solution would complement XiliX and MLH DMA solutions with the fastest speed and plenty of throughput headroom to meet growing demand.”